Stakeholder Engagement and Management

We are one of the industry leaders in developing stakeholder engagement plans for brands and suppliers. For us, stakeholders are consumer associations, trade unions, workers, investors or anyone who is directly or indirectly impacted by what your business does. And, we work on behalf of you to facilitate effective engagement and management.

Stakeholder Satisfaction is Critical.

We work with companies to first identify topics of engagement such as climate change, renewable energy, heavy metals, or new product development. We help identify who the stakeholders are, develop a communication plan, engage with them in unique ways, differently for - negative, neutral or positive stakeholders.

On behalf of brands and suppliers, we also conduct stakeholder management for over a period of time, wherein we facilitate ideal regular communication with stakeholders, and proactively update them with developments that portrays you as a transparent, proactive and positive organization.

How does your organization engage with stakeholders?


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