Neena Mehta

Senior Advisor / Trainer



A free-lance consultant trainer with years of experience in the field.

The consultant has an overall in-depth knowledge on social compliance with special focus on textiles. Enterprising professional with 22 years of experience in Social & Ethical trainings / factory audits.inings for the workers, as well as to the H.R. management is her forte.Drafting and delivering training on topics including codes of conduct , health and fire safety , wages and renumeration , supply chain due diligence act, risk assessments, national action plans amongst others.

" Holistic approach towards solving compliance needs. CSR Boots on the ground In India. "

- Neena Mehta


1 Factory support (consultancy) on human rights and social issues, Codes of Conduct

2 Training and Capability building

3 Worker-Management Dialogue


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