Najmeen Akther

Senior Consultant



I have twenty years of working experience in versatile areas across the textile sector, starting my career in the multinational third-party audit company, auditing and certification in textile and garments factories then progressing my career to retailer brands and trading houses, and currently working in VECTRA International since 2015.

I have knowledge of a variety of Laws, regulations and international Standards with a strong grasp of the time demanding requirements of this industry. Compliance on all regulatory matters with effective time management for meeting stringent deadlines. Good aptitude of keeping a track of all the required documents and getting the tasks completed on time for decision making.

My key areas of expertise are – project management, capacity development of partners and stakeholders, training delivery, and auditing for codes of conduct, with profound technical expertise in social, labour and environmental standards.

My educations are Master of management , Chartered Accounting article ship completed, with certification as ILO Participatory Gender Audit Facilitator and as Lead Auditor in international codes of conduct i.e. SA 8000, and ISO 9001.


1 ESG Performance Improvement

2 Quality Control & Assessment

3 Improving Efficiency and Cost Optimization

4 Management Development

5 ESG Management

6 ESG Standards

7 Optimizing Supply Chain & Product Sourcing Management

8 Supply Chain Compliance and ESG Reporting

9 Project Management

10 Risk Management & ESG Due Diligence

11 Factory Improvement Plan Support (CAP Management)

12 Factory support (consultancy) on human rights and social issues, Codes of Conduct

13 Training and Capability building

14 Worker-Management Dialogue

15 Grievance Handling


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