Lan Anh Hoang




Ms. Lan Anh Hoang has demonstrated her extensive and intensive capabilities with a history of 20 years working in the labor and environment management as a Social Responsibility Due Diligence Expert throughout some countries in Southeast Asia.

Ms. Lan Anh Hoang has had comprehensive working experience with international organisations and businesses in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility over the last 20 years. Before being a due diligence expert/consultant, Ms. Lan Anh held position of CSR manager in a US brand, Columbia Sportwears and in a Japanese trading company of ITOCHU group. She gained profound knowledge and experience running compliance and beyond compliance projects with a wide range of labour intensive manufacturers inside and outside industrial zones. Before that, Ms. Lan Anh had worked as a lead social compliance auditor for some independent auditing firms, CSCC (currently known as UL), Fair Working Conditions, and Wethica, covering Southeast Asia countries.

" Improving the working conditions in the sweat shops is not my mission, it is my passion. "

- Lan Anh Hoang


1 ESG Performance Improvement

2 ESG Management

3 ESG Standards

4 Supply Chain Compliance and ESG Reporting

5 Project Management

6 Risk Management & ESG Due Diligence

7 Factory Responsible Business Support

8 Factory Improvement Plan Support (CAP Management)

9 Factory support (consultancy) on human rights and social issues, Codes of Conduct

10 Training and Capability building

11 Worker-Management Dialogue

12 Grievance Handling

13 Recruitment Support