Kishore Jha

Senior Consultant



Chandra Kishore Jha has more than 10 years of work experience in the field of international social standards and is an expert in managing dynamic situations in the supply chains. His studies in Human rights & Industrial Relations, Apparel Production, and experience in the manufacturing sector gives him an edge to provide pragmatic and sustainable solutions. He is passionate about empowering workers and improving working conditions in the supply chain.

" I am A villager by heart and spiritual essence in my life, my tact and straight forward questioning never misses the point. "

- Kishore Jha


1 ESG Performance Improvement

2 Quality Control & Assessment

3 Management Development

4 Project Management

5 Risk Management & ESG Due Diligence

6 Factory Responsible Business Support

7 Factory Improvement Plan Support (CAP Management)

8 Worker-Management Dialogue

9 Grievance Handling


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